BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) Explained

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple and widely used method to assess whether a person has a healthy body weight for a given height. It is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters (kg/m²). BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used by healthcare professionals to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

How to Use the BMI Calculator

Using the BMI calculator is easy and straightforward:

  1. Enter your weight: Input your weight in kilograms.
  2. Enter your height: Input your height in meters.
  3. Calculate your BMI: Click the “Calculate” button to see your BMI result.

Understanding Your BMI Result

Once you have your BMI, you can interpret the result using the following categories:

  • Below 18.5: Underweight – May lead to health risks such as inhibited growth and development, fragile bones, anemia, fertility problems, and a weakened immune system.
  • 18.5 to 24.9: Normal weight – Associated with a lower risk of serious health conditions.
  • 25 to 29.9: Overweight – Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health issues.
  • 30 or higher: Obesity – Significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Maintaining a healthy BMI can help reduce the risk of various health problems and improve overall well-being. Use the BMI calculator regularly to monitor your weight and stay on track with your health goals.


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